Breast Massage

Unless there is congestion, pain of surgery, women do not pay due attention to the health needs of their breasts, and it is a mistake! Breasts deserve better health care than they usually get.

Our immune system is weakened nowadays by stress and overloaded by various toxins and carcinogens in our everyday environment. More often than not, it needs help in cleansing the body. Breasts are one part of the body that due to its anatomy suffers most. Here is why.

The immune system has its police called lymph - fluid between cells. It circulates through your tissues looking for toxins, bacteria, debris, "arresting" them and and taking to the lymph nodes.

What makes lymph flow is the pumping action of muscles. There are no muscles in breasts, so they too often don't get completely cleansed without outside help. It is believed that there may be a correlation between chronic poor breast drainage and susceptibility to malignancy.

Therefore, doesn't it sound like a good idea to you to make professional breast massage a part of your personal breast cancer prevention program?