A Glance Centuries Back

3000 BC in ancient China, a skillful healer would rub the body and compress the muscles to treat all kinds of aches and pains. Ancient Indian healers widely practiced massage techniques and were the first to combine massage with a steam room. In both these countries, massages were performed by clergymen - evidence of an honoured responsibility.

Evidence of massage therapy application is found in the ancient Egyptian art and in Odyssey by Homer.

Hippocrates described basic massage techniques to be used as a preventive medicine and for treating health conditions.

Massage procedure in Ancient Greece, Rome, India and Arabic countries usually included sweating in a heated room and physical exercises.

From the East, massage therapy spread to Europe, however it was not until the 14th century, after the appearance of the first substantial works in anatomy and physiology and the discovery of the circulatory system, that massage became incorporated into official medicine.